Houses of Glass

Once there was a lonesome man
Who lived all on his own
Protected in his house of glass
Behind a wall of stone

He found a certain comfort
Inside the wall he knew
A comfort that would not remain
If one should make it through

Until one day he found that
As none had done before
Someone had made it past the wall
And knocked upon his door

He hesitated briefly
He knew not to what end
The woman rapped upon his door
Nor what she did intend

And at his door appearing
She met him with a grin
Which bade him let his defense down
And ask her to step in

She said her house was glassen
And built much like his own
With walls designed to keep her safe
Protected by the stone

Without wasting a moment
The door he opened wide
She entered through the glassy arch
And followed him inside

As they spoke inside his house
There came a friendship new
A home which once had room for one
Had found the space for two


The months had passed by quickly
He showed her that he cared
By tearing down the wall which stood
Around the house they shared

With no wall to surround him
He breathed the open air
But when the autumn deluge came
His house began to wear

The man did all he could do
To make the glass house shine
So when the woman came again
His house would look just fine

The days she came were fewer
His home needed repair
The damage always seemed much worse
On days she wasn’t there

One day she came to visit
Like all the times before
And bore with her the message that
She’d be coming no more

At first it was exciting
To try a different wall
But she simply couldn’t be where
There was no wall at all

Alone, she then retreated
Back to the home she knew
Safe inside the glass and stone
That no one could get through

The man found himself longing
After the wall he lacked
And found that in then raging storms
His house had become cracked

As the clouds moved in above
The rain began to pound
His house had born all it could take
And crashed into the ground

Torrents drenched the lonesome man
As he worked all alone
To build a house that would not break
A fortress made of stone


Dolly · June 3, 2015 at 3:52 PM

I’m intrigued by this metaphor. Why did the man need to tear down his wall to enjoy the company of his new friend. Why couldn’t he just have a gate where he and she could go in and out and enjoy life on both sides of the wall? The wall could protect his precious glass exterior and his experiences in and out of the wall would be available to them as needed… simply through the strong and beautiful gate. The gate could be made of iron or hardwood and could be hinged with strong engineering and could even be electronically operated for easy use. Then he just needs to maintain that gate and it’s hinges. The wall is already strong and the glass house is already beautiful. Someone needs to teach him about gates.

    Michael Halstead · July 21, 2015 at 9:14 PM

    Logic often, for better or worse, takes a back seat in such circumstances. In hindsight, a gate would have been a much more reasonable solution!

      Dolly · July 23, 2015 at 7:21 PM

      Yes, hindsight is something we wish we could capture as a preventative measure. I’m also curious if either the man or the woman have Aspberger’s Syndrome?

        Michael Halstead · July 30, 2015 at 7:49 AM

        Not to the best of my knowledge. đŸ™‚

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