Battered, bruised, lying among
Fallen brothers in a sea of blood.
Gun blasts echo in the background.
More innocent men die with every sound
Of the mortar, every shot of the rifle,
Every blast of a grenade. I tried to stifle
My tears, but I couldn’t help it. My comrades,
My friends, my brothers laid about,
Slaughtered like cattle, and for what?
I didn’t know, they didn’t know — the
Brutality we witnessed disillusioned
Us, made us think about the reason
We were in this war in the first place: pride.
But where was the pride in this? Men dying
Unnatural deaths. Men disfigured, mauled,
Scarred for another man’s cause.
No, there was no pride, there was no honor.
Only the misguided voice of a father
Leading his son to fight for his nation,
Penning the anthem of a fallen generation.

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